Autograph Book is an accordion abecedarium of signatures and histories. The accordion format allows for a double sided book, one side has the alphabet made of chosen letters from influential people's signatures, and the other side has the full signatures and some information on the signer in an autobiographical style. To make it easier to flip between the two sides and match the letter to the information, a colored tab system is along the sides of the pages, as well as listed among the table of contents. 






The color palette of deep indigo, carmine, and pinkish cinnamon was chosen because of its historical connotation. Deep indigo and carmine resemble ink from pens or quills and the pinkish cinnamon is reminiscent of faded, historical pages in a book. The paper used in the book are a lighter tan color to add further to this old book feel. 


The typeface primarily used for this project was Adobe Jenson designed by Robert Slimbach. This typeface was chosen because it's a font that was around during the life of every person in the book and is a font that could have potentially been used by everyone. This factoid made it the most fitting to write all of the autobiographical "letters" in the book and keep up the connotation of an old book. 


This book was made for a class project, but had it been a real book a book signing would have been in order. To get the word out invites would be sent to friends of the libraries local to the event as well as patrons of the venue itself, assuming it to be a bookshop of some kind. Additionally posters would be hung in local coffee shops, other book stores, and any other community hub available for posters. 


Autograph Book is a culmination of craftsmanship and research, finely attuned to each other. The art of the letters alone on one side creates a beautiful alphabet in itself, and the history reflected in them on the other side serves to pique the interest of anyone who's heard of even one of the people in the book. The accordion style makes for an interactive and interesting book experience that isn't had everyday with the average book. This style also allows for the entire alphabet to viewed at once, as a line of dark blue inked signatures spanning across history as it spans across a table. 

Many steps were taken in the creation of this book. Many dummy books were made, many issues were had. Here, all of those steps and issues are recorded in the form of another book. 

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